Gratitude for 2016

Hello 2017! We welcome you and all the plans you have in store for us this new year! 

Before we officially welcome the New Year, we would like to express our gratitude for all the wonderful and inspiring moments from 2016.

The year 2016 blessed us with beautiful clients and so many exciting new design projects. 

One of our most detailed and rewarding projects was a new home, turn key style, in Orchard Hills. We had so much fun designing this home and filling it with beautiful furnishings, custom draperies and pretty details throughout. The result was an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous home for a family that we adore.

In both January and April, we were featured in The Orange County Registers “Kitchen of the Month” with two of our kitchen designs. This was so exciting and really a huge honor to be featured twice, and the write up we received from Kelli Hart Kehler was so gracious. Thank you OC Home!

Another particularly unforgettable time in 2016 was when we participated in the Orange County Philharmonic House of Design at The Strand in Dana Point. We learned so much, made new friends and participated in a lovely foundation that gives back to our local community.

We were grateful to be a final nominee for the HGTV contest “Fresh Faces of Design”. What a huge honor to be one of five finalists on a national level. The talent we were up against was incredible and we were delighted to be included with these gifted designers.

 HGTV's Fresh Faces of Design Contest Photo

 HGTV's Fresh Faces of Design Contest Photo

Above all, we are so thankful for the journey and how loyal and trusting our clients are, without you we would not be living our design dreams and all our creativity would just be a pretty vision somewhere inside our heads.

Good bye 2016, you have been beautiful!

Happy Designing & Happy New Year!



photo credits Kate Von Tickner, Reza Allah-Bakhshi & Melissa Brandman

Closet Spring Cleaning

This weekend I finally took my own advice. The same advice that I give to my clients before they start a big renovation, “purge and make room for abundance,” I always tell them.  This weekend I decided it was time to make room for abundance and let go of the stuff that is weighing me down, so I spring cleaned my closet and GOT ORGANIZED! 

I started my journey at The Container Store, one of my favorite hangouts, and debated on how I wanted to approach my “spring clean”.  After much deliberation with myself, I honed in on these super cool hangers called Huggable Hangers.  The Container Store is having a big spring clean sale so the only Huggable Hangers color options available were navy blue (perfect for George) and fuchsia (not my first color choice, but being on a mission I settled on fuchsia).  

The next step was the actual purge; I emptied my closet as if I was getting a new carpet, or even better a new closet system.  I used my three pile rule; pile one - I love this item, it makes me happy and I can’t live without it. Pile two - I like this item but it is not my favorite.  Pile three, this item represents a negative feeling or I have not used or worn it in 1 year (minus holiday or special occasion items).

I dusted my closet head to toe in preparation for my new hangers and storage ideas.  I must share, it pretty much took all weekend including a few breaks to walk my puppy, a trip to The Good Will to make a donation, and lastly, back to The Container Store because I needed more Huggable Hangers, finding a few more organizational treats for my new closet while there.

I am sure I will sleep well tonight!

Enjoy my big reveal, I am so excited about the end result.

Happy Designing!