Adding a Little Spice to Your Kitchen!

Adding a Little Spice to Your Kitchen

We are super excited about the new projects we are currently designing.  Being a residential interior design firm, we are lucky to be a part of all sorts of design projects.  We work on everything from one-room styling (or up-dos, as I love to refer to them), remodels - large and small scale, new construction for homeowners and for specification homes for homebuilders.  It is our passion to find unique options for our very special clients, and to really understand what our clients’ needs and desires are based on their lifestyle and budget. 

Excited about some of our recently completed design projects and inspired about the new projects we are currently working on, we want to share one of our favorite kitchen must haves, the Bertazzoni range.  We love Bertazzoni for many reasons. What is not to love? It is Italian and anything Italian is sexy!  The pro series offers exciting colors that really make each kitchen unique and the fun colors really let the client’s personality show.  We also love that our clients love this range not only for the styling and the fun hues, but also for the functionality. 

You may have learned from our past blogs that I aspire to be a chef one day or in my next life. I love to dream of how my kitchen would look if I could have anything I wanted in my culinary fantasy. I would definitely go with the Bertazzoni range. The question is… but what color?


Happy Designing!



Gratitude for 2016

Hello 2017! We welcome you and all the plans you have in store for us this new year! 

Before we officially welcome the New Year, we would like to express our gratitude for all the wonderful and inspiring moments from 2016.

The year 2016 blessed us with beautiful clients and so many exciting new design projects. 

One of our most detailed and rewarding projects was a new home, turn key style, in Orchard Hills. We had so much fun designing this home and filling it with beautiful furnishings, custom draperies and pretty details throughout. The result was an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous home for a family that we adore.

In both January and April, we were featured in The Orange County Registers “Kitchen of the Month” with two of our kitchen designs. This was so exciting and really a huge honor to be featured twice, and the write up we received from Kelli Hart Kehler was so gracious. Thank you OC Home!

Another particularly unforgettable time in 2016 was when we participated in the Orange County Philharmonic House of Design at The Strand in Dana Point. We learned so much, made new friends and participated in a lovely foundation that gives back to our local community.

We were grateful to be a final nominee for the HGTV contest “Fresh Faces of Design”. What a huge honor to be one of five finalists on a national level. The talent we were up against was incredible and we were delighted to be included with these gifted designers.

 HGTV's Fresh Faces of Design Contest Photo

 HGTV's Fresh Faces of Design Contest Photo

Above all, we are so thankful for the journey and how loyal and trusting our clients are, without you we would not be living our design dreams and all our creativity would just be a pretty vision somewhere inside our heads.

Good bye 2016, you have been beautiful!

Happy Designing & Happy New Year!



photo credits Kate Von Tickner, Reza Allah-Bakhshi & Melissa Brandman

Giving Thanks

We at Sérendipité would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the continued support from our vendors and trade partners for sharing their expertise and knowledge with us each day and for always going the extra mile for us.  YOU know who you are, and we could not do what we do each day without you.

To our loyal clients who have become friends and family, we are thankful and inspired by you each day as you teach us so much and always inspire me to learn more and more each day.

And on a personal note, to my dearest friend and incredibly smart and detailed Silva, thank you for staying on top of everything we do and for all of your hard work and attention to detail (it is so good I had to add this twice), I am so thankful. To my fabulous Melissa, who is always so eager to learn and help me each day for nearly four years, to you I am so thankful for you (you have no idea).  Lastly but not least dear Kate, you have made me fall in love with interior design and your beautiful energy is infections and so good, thank you!

Included in our little bog post today we share a fun libation recipe (below)!

Cheers and Much Love,


Honeycrip Apple Sangria: This is THE drink to sip on fall weekends (or weeknights).  It is filled with the best flavors!  Recipe and images via  Pinterest

Honeycrip Apple Sangria: This is THE drink to sip on fall weekends (or weeknights).  It is filled with the best flavors!

Recipe and images via Pinterest

Champagne-ing in France

One of my favorite things is Champagne!  On my travels to France this past week, with my daughter Haley, we had a fantastic time sightseeing, tasting the lovely foods of Paris and we took a super fun cooking class at La Cuisine Paris

French Cheese

Being a champagne lover, I have to say experiencing champagne tasting in a small town outside of Reims was the highlight of my trip.  We stayed at Le Château de Rilly, “a privileged location, between Reims and Epernay, in the heart of the Champagne vineyard created in an old 18th century Champagne house.”

Le Chateau de Rilly

Le Chateau de Rilly

The experience at Le Château de Rilly was so special.  I loved the authentic décor, wonderful hospitality of the staff and the delicious five-course dinner. It felt as if we were eating in a private dining room. It was so very special for Haley and I.

Haley and I champagne tasting

Haley and I champagne tasting

We tasted champagne in the local’s homes (seriously we tasted champagne in the wine makers living rooms!). My favorite experience was at Didier Herbert Champagne, the champagne was so delicious. One of my favorite selections from Didier Herbert was La Grande Reserve Premier Cru, which had notes of caramel and vanilla. I will never forget the taste of this particular champagne and this wonderful, once in a lifetime travel experience with my daughter.

Happy Designing & Happy Travels!