Closet Spring Cleaning

This weekend I finally took my own advice. The same advice that I give to my clients before they start a big renovation, “purge and make room for abundance,” I always tell them.  This weekend I decided it was time to make room for abundance and let go of the stuff that is weighing me down, so I spring cleaned my closet and GOT ORGANIZED! 

I started my journey at The Container Store, one of my favorite hangouts, and debated on how I wanted to approach my “spring clean”.  After much deliberation with myself, I honed in on these super cool hangers called Huggable Hangers.  The Container Store is having a big spring clean sale so the only Huggable Hangers color options available were navy blue (perfect for George) and fuchsia (not my first color choice, but being on a mission I settled on fuchsia).  

The next step was the actual purge; I emptied my closet as if I was getting a new carpet, or even better a new closet system.  I used my three pile rule; pile one - I love this item, it makes me happy and I can’t live without it. Pile two - I like this item but it is not my favorite.  Pile three, this item represents a negative feeling or I have not used or worn it in 1 year (minus holiday or special occasion items).

I dusted my closet head to toe in preparation for my new hangers and storage ideas.  I must share, it pretty much took all weekend including a few breaks to walk my puppy, a trip to The Good Will to make a donation, and lastly, back to The Container Store because I needed more Huggable Hangers, finding a few more organizational treats for my new closet while there.

I am sure I will sleep well tonight!

Enjoy my big reveal, I am so excited about the end result.

Happy Designing!