Giving Thanks

We at Sérendipité would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the continued support from our vendors and trade partners for sharing their expertise and knowledge with us each day and for always going the extra mile for us.  YOU know who you are, and we could not do what we do each day without you.

To our loyal clients who have become friends and family, we are thankful and inspired by you each day as you teach us so much and always inspire me to learn more and more each day.

And on a personal note, to my dearest friend and incredibly smart and detailed Silva, thank you for staying on top of everything we do and for all of your hard work and attention to detail (it is so good I had to add this twice), I am so thankful. To my fabulous Melissa, who is always so eager to learn and help me each day for nearly four years, to you I am so thankful for you (you have no idea).  Lastly but not least dear Kate, you have made me fall in love with interior design and your beautiful energy is infections and so good, thank you!

Included in our little bog post today we share a fun libation recipe (below)!

Cheers and Much Love,


Honeycrip Apple Sangria: This is THE drink to sip on fall weekends (or weeknights).  It is filled with the best flavors!  Recipe and images via  Pinterest

Honeycrip Apple Sangria: This is THE drink to sip on fall weekends (or weeknights).  It is filled with the best flavors!

Recipe and images via Pinterest

Champagne-ing in France

One of my favorite things is Champagne!  On my travels to France this past week, with my daughter Haley, we had a fantastic time sightseeing, tasting the lovely foods of Paris and we took a super fun cooking class at La Cuisine Paris

French Cheese

Being a champagne lover, I have to say experiencing champagne tasting in a small town outside of Reims was the highlight of my trip.  We stayed at Le Château de Rilly, “a privileged location, between Reims and Epernay, in the heart of the Champagne vineyard created in an old 18th century Champagne house.”

Le Chateau de Rilly

Le Chateau de Rilly

The experience at Le Château de Rilly was so special.  I loved the authentic décor, wonderful hospitality of the staff and the delicious five-course dinner. It felt as if we were eating in a private dining room. It was so very special for Haley and I.

Haley and I champagne tasting

Haley and I champagne tasting

We tasted champagne in the local’s homes (seriously we tasted champagne in the wine makers living rooms!). My favorite experience was at Didier Herbert Champagne, the champagne was so delicious. One of my favorite selections from Didier Herbert was La Grande Reserve Premier Cru, which had notes of caramel and vanilla. I will never forget the taste of this particular champagne and this wonderful, once in a lifetime travel experience with my daughter.

Happy Designing & Happy Travels!



A Weekend Escape

photo 3 (2) It could not have been a more lovely time to escape the heat and my creative, busy mind! George had some business to do in The Willamette Valley, Oregon and invited me to join him for a weekend escape. How could I resist this opportunity to visit friends, enjoy some travel and my favorite wines from the Willamette region?

A dear friend of mine has a new home in McMinnville, a town about 35 miles from Portland. She and her husband welcomed us to stay with them this past weekend! They are brilliant entertainers and made us feel so special during our stay. We were able to enjoy McMinnville from the eyes of a local, not a tourist, which was very cool! We enjoyed a magical walk, garden gazing, delicious food, wine tasting and created a memory that will last a lifetime!

We are so thankful for this time with our dear friends, which came at the most perfect time.

Happy Tuesday!



Oregon 1 Oregon 2

Oregon 3

photo 2 (4)

photo 4 (1)

photo 1 (9)

Valentines, A Beautiful Time of Year

Je t'aime Pillow To know me, is to know I am a romantic and I LOVE Valentine’s Day!  There is something about Valentine’s Day that evokes an emotion in me that I cannot explain.  I just love this time of year! Thank heaven I was born in February because it is my favorite month. All part of God’s plan for me I am sure.

This Valentine’s Day I decided to keep it simple for George and I, as we are off to celebrate our wedding in one week from today in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I love pretending that I am in France so I am going with a French theme. I cannot share too much as I want to surprise George, but think picnic in front of...Le Tour Eiffel.

February is a big month for me this year and I know this will be one of those years that will be filled with milestones. I love when you reflect and you can recall a time that was so good that it stays with you forever.

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Designing!



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2013 highlights

The year 2013 has been a wonderful year for Sérendipité. We were blessed with many exciting design projects that let us take our creativity to new heights. We also had the opportunity to partake in many fun and challenging ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) events.
We participated in the first ever White Box Challenge hosted by Rivera Magazine and The Stonemill Design Center where we took first place. Yay! Valerie was the model on team Sarah Strader at Designer Runway (a 90 minute design challenge to create a couture gown by hand with upholstery fabrics). Another highlight was the Holiday Table Top event at the Tommy Bahama home store hosted by Luxe Magazine.
Although these challenges and events were fun, we met lovely people and the experiences were inspiring.  We must say working with our wonderful clients is what  keeps us truly inspired and it is always a warm reminder that we are so fortunate to do what we love each day, creating harmonious spaces for our dear clients.
As the year comes to a close we would like to share a few of the moments that made our year so memorable. Cheers to a bright New Year!
Happy Designing!