forts for all ages

As a kid I was often referred to as “Bekins” (as in Bekins Movers). I know I am dating myself here. I would dream of making forts and playing “house”. The result of this was a tiny little girl rearranging furniture and moving pieces three times larger than her little self from room to room. I guess you can say, even from a young age, I always wanted to create the perfect dream house.
This weekend I went to visit my little nephews Dante (my soon-to-be 3 years old who is also my precious God son) and my baby nephew, Mateo (he is almost 8 months old). I promised Dante that Aunt Valerie would make him a tent and we would have a party and sleep in his big boy tent. We had so much fun shopping for the materials to make this tent; drawing much attention in the store as he was dressed in his Woody costume from Toy Story. 
My first Idea was to buy this tent (below) from The Land of Nod because it is SO cute!
Then I thought to myself, I really should be handy enough to make a simple tent for my little buddy. Well, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa the tent was born! Aunt Valerie was too busy playing with the boys and hanging twinkle lights in order to really set the mood of our outdoor camping adventure in Dante and Mateo’s adorable room.
All you really need for this tent is one flat, twin size sheet, 4 pieces of 1 x 2x8’ planks, 1 PVC pipe with end caps and voila! You have a custom designed tent for less than $20.00.
I highly recommend building your own tent for those sleepy weekends where you can cozy up and really play pretend house.
Happy Designing!
images via: The Land of Nod