Who Is Your Paint Mixologist?

In my opinion, paint is one of the most important mood-setters in a space. Selecting the perfect colour can be an overwhelming process, in my experience, and the feelings of doubt constantly get the best of me when I am selecting paint.

 I have much experience in making recommendations on the perfect hue and I have been successful 99.9% of the time.  Although, this week was a game changer for me. I was sure I had helped select the most delightfully, crisp, and classic paint colour for my fabulous new client. The doubt never came over me until I received that call - the call of doubt from my dear client after the painter started painting.  All of these worrisome thoughts came over me and setting my ego aside I knew I had to face this design challenge head on.  I will do anything it takes to get a job done, and done right. 

I immediately went back to the client’s home with my treasure chest of paints including all my favorites from my beloved Farrow and Ball to Benjamin Moore. I reviewed additional options with the client and we narrowed down the re-select to three hues. 

I went to Ganhal Lumber at 8 am the next day to order five variations of the re-select colours (3 colours at the full value and two at 25% less or should I say 75% of the color value). Off I went to the client’s home with 5 cans to sample on the freshly painted walls that happened to come out way too cool for the clients loving. 

As I was anxiously waiting for the paint mixologist, my friend Simon, to mix these lovely and classic colours he suggested this thought;  “Valerie,” he said, “you are always dead on with paint. Did you consider that the paint may have been mixed incorrectly? Perhaps the paint chip you worked from was outdated and the new formula in the system has changed. It was then that it occurred to me that there are so many variables in this process. I am not going to give you paint 101 or paint do’s and don’ts because we have heard it all a million times. However, I will shed this light on the journey of paint to hopefully help at least one person avoid any paint mishaps. Here are 4 simple steps to ensure you get the correct paint color:

Step one: When you select a paint colour take the paint chip to your favorite paint/hardware store and have them match the colour off of the chip that you and the client fell in love with.  Before purchasing gallons of paint, have a small sample size can mixed.

Step two: Have the paint mixoliogist sample and dry the mixed colour on the top of the can to be sure there is a colour match.

Step three: Sample the newly mixed colour in several locations in the space to be sure the light compliments the colour.

Step four: After you have sampled the paint in the space and you have chosen the perfect color, have your painter mix the actual gallons of paint based on the “sample” can of paint that you had mixed. Make sure they get the same brand, finish and use the same store.

Stay tuned for the final colour selection and success of the colour that we selected!

Happy designing!