A Family Heirloom in Palos Verdes, California

Symons view Symons kitchen before We have a fabulous new client that has the most energy in a person that I have ever met!  This lovely gal grew up helping her dad build this lovely home with breathtaking views in Palos Verdes.  Let us just say, it was a labor of love and there are many memories here.

Annette and her husband Dick are renovating this home as it is the 50th anniversary of being built. Sérendipité is helping with the plans and the overall design to create an updated look with some modernized conveniences.  Walls are coming down, windows are being replaced, bathrooms are being re-designed and a completely new kitchen design is in the works.  Last week we went to Pirch to get some ideas swirling in our imaginations and Annette is literally digesting, making decisions and really opening her heart to all the possibilities.

We are so excited and thrilled to be along for this journey… stay tuned for progress!

Happy Designing