Valentines, A Beautiful Time of Year

Je t'aime Pillow To know me, is to know I am a romantic and I LOVE Valentine’s Day!  There is something about Valentine’s Day that evokes an emotion in me that I cannot explain.  I just love this time of year! Thank heaven I was born in February because it is my favorite month. All part of God’s plan for me I am sure.

This Valentine’s Day I decided to keep it simple for George and I, as we are off to celebrate our wedding in one week from today in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I love pretending that I am in France so I am going with a French theme. I cannot share too much as I want to surprise George, but think picnic in front of...Le Tour Eiffel.

February is a big month for me this year and I know this will be one of those years that will be filled with milestones. I love when you reflect and you can recall a time that was so good that it stays with you forever.

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Designing!



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