defining your perfect palette - what inspires you?

We do a lot of remodels and renovations which we refer to as “up-dos”. We find that most of our clients really struggle with the process of paint color selection. Picking the perfect hue can be overwhelming and for some it creates a high level of panic. We thought we would share some tips and ideas with you to inspire you to add that fresh coat of paint in your home in the New Year to come.
Tip one: Find inspiration. What turns your light on? Is it nature, a favorite piece of art, your favorite food or flower? Surrounding yourself with color that makes you feel great is essential.
Tip two: Identity what tone you lean towards; yellow tones, grey tones etc. For example, I love blue and I recommend blue to a lot of our clients, however, I personally could not live with blue walls. So, dig deep and really try to see yourself living day to day in your new painted sanctuary.
Tip three: Once you identify your style and inspiration and you have eliminated your piles of paint samples, go mix a few pint size colors at the local paint store that really speak to you. Sample these colors on different walls (which is really therapeutic) in your home so you can get a feel for the intensity of each color in different lights at different times of the day. Trust us; it is worth the little extra money.
Tip four: If you love the colors you selected but you are feeling a bit fraidy about the intensity, try cutting the value 25% or even 50%. Doing this gives you the same color but not as saturated.
Tip five: If you are still confused and maybe a little scared, call us. We love paint!
Stay tuned to the blog next week for more on defining your perfect palette and color theory.
Happy designing!
image credits: Stylyze & Pinterest
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