thankfulness & tradition

Well, it is that time of year when we really start to reflect on the gifts that we are thankful for throughout the year. And subconsciously many of us start preparing ourselves for New Year’s resolutions. Thoughts of, “what am I thankful for?”, “what is my purpose?”, and “what do I want to change about myself and my circumstances?” come to mind. As the holiday season is among us, we also reflect on traditions. We all love reminiscing on family traditions and long to create new traditions as our lives beautifully evolve.

One of my favorite traditions is cooking new and unique meals for guests in my home. I am smitten over preparing dinner parties all year long and the way to my heart truly is allowing me to prepare meals for those I love. I have a hard time relaxing or sitting, so, to know me is to know how I LOVE to entertain and cook. This is relaxing to me. With all of the excitement going on for me this year (planning my wedding, running my design business, being a fiancée, mother, sister and daughter to a large family) I always find time to agonize over the perfect menu and the details of how to set a lovely table for my guests. As far as menus go, Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. This is where I am a non-traditional. My family is more traditional in the sense that they love an “all American Thanksgiving”.

Another secret about me is that I rarely make the same dish twice and if I do it is always reconstructed a bit differently (similar to my design style, *wink*). I reflect on my childhood and I can vividly smell and taste the same classic meals my mother cooked over and over again. Although I loved her cooking, I realized at a young age that I loved new things and new tastes and I always wanted to explore new ways of doing things in all aspects of my life.

This year will probably be the most exciting Thanksgiving yet and I have a new appreciation for this day because for the first time in three months my daughter, Haley, will be home from college. I am thankful for so much and I always express my gratitude to mother earth but if I had to narrow down what I am most thankful for in my life to five expressions of gratitude, I would say this:

1. I am thankful for being Haley’s mom for she has made me the person I am today. This is a whole blog post in itself.
2. I am thankful for George, my Fiancé, who loves me on my best days and my “off” days. He is my biggest support and loyal fan. George has shown me unconditional love and for this I am so blessed.
3. I am thankful for my health and my crazy energy God has blessed me with.
4. I am thankful for the girls at Sérendipté for their dedication, passion and loyalty to me.
5. I am thankful for color, and the fact that I can see color in a way that most cannot.

I encourage you to take a moment and write down the five things you are most thankful for in your life and ponder your favorite family traditions (including the new and evolving traditions).

Happy Designing!

Photo credits: plushpumpkins