layer upon layer

 layered bed  layered sofa


                             images- clockwise from upper left: layered bedding, layered sofa with blanket & pillows, layered pictures on mantel, layered area rugs

What makes a home look comfortable and lived in? Layers. Yes, just as a well dressed person would layer an outfit (e.g. A cute cami under a cardigan topped off with a fashionable necklace or scarf), a well dressed home should be fashioned in a similar way. Staple pieces are key but layers complete the look.

Just think about it, a sofa with no pillows or simply only the pillows that came with the sofa when it was bought would look naked. Add some beautiful pillows and a throw blanket draped over the back and it will look like a million bucks!

If this idea excites you and you don't know where to start, here are some ideas!

Adding a cool tray to your coffee table or ottoman is a wonderful way to add depth and personality. Accessorize the tray with fresh flowers or books.

Bedding is a fun ways to be creative with your layering. Fold down your comforter 1/3 of the way down to show off your sheets and layer the pillows to give the bed dimension. If you have a beautiful throw blanket, lay it width wise at the foot of the bed.

Another great place to experiment with the layering technique is the art work on your mantel. Use different size frames and stack the pictures creating a lot of unexpected interest.

Many people would never think to do this but get a little funky and layer your rugs. Place smaller rugs on top of larger rugs.   

Just remember, sometimes less is more so don't overdo the accessories and chachkis. Next time you walk through your home we hope that you look at it through new eyes and see all the different ways you can layer your space to look beautiful, comfortable and lived in.

Happy Designing!