eclectic & casual

Photos courtesy of Melissa Brandman Photography
One of the best comments I have received recently (as far as design goes) is that I created a styled space that looked just like my customer. This lovely and inspiring client entrusted us with the fun opportunity to renovate her adorable home in Rossmoor village. This charming single story home had so much character and was a fabulous palate to really get creative and do some serious updating. The remodel consisted of a renovation of the master bath, opening some walls, new hardwood flooring throughout the house, countertops and fresh paint just to name a few. We really wanted to honor the integrity of this home built in 1957 so we kept the existing cabinet doors, added a fresh coat of paint and painted the fireplace bricks while enhancing the existing stained mantle among a few other unexpected kisses of the old meets new.
Once the renovations were complete our homeowner (and friends) took a deep breath and decided to tackle another design project, the great room. We customized new furnishings from several of my favorite vendors; Witford, Isabella Morgan and Bassman Blaine, all located at the Laguna Design Center. To take the design to the next level we went to the Pasadena flea market to hunt for some-one-of kind treasures. We stumbled across some gorgeous Mongolian wedding quilts from Asia; of course we made pillows out of them! Thanks to Cheryl Thoreen at Thoreen Designs these vintage treasures are now chic beauties!
Creating a room where this wonderful family can really live was a highlight of mine this past year and a room I will always reflect on as being one of my favorite rooms I have had the chance to be a part of.
Enjoy the photos that were shot by the fabulous homeowner herself. 
Happy Designing!