touch down!

Well, ladies, it’s that time of year that your hubby, boyfriend or fiancé has been waiting for. You guessed it, football season!  
Each week I make a list of topics that we can share with our readers to blog about. So, on our Sunday walk George and I were chatting about this week’s topic and he suggested I write about “man caves.” What a genius idea! Ideas quickly began to swirl in my creative imagination. 
Here are a few tips to make your guy’s room or personal space extra special! What is your man’s favorite team or sport? Use this as inspiration as far as color, a theme or lead for the space. If your guy doesn’t love sports, what is his favorite drink, car or hobby? Create a wine cellar or cigar aficionado inspired room. We suggest you really embrace this as inspiration and use this as what we refer to as a “lead” in interior design. Consider using these inspirations as wall décor, or repurpose these items into accessories such as pillows.
We have a man cave work in progress at my home for my dear George. Now that Haley has flown our nest, George has totally inspired me to surprise him with some stylization for his man cave. George is the ultimate sports fanatic and has been counting the days backwards and probably forwards until College Football opening day. Although I was the Co-Captain of the Varsity Yell Squad that is about where football started and ended for me. I completely embrace George’s love of the game. I really want to make this season special for him so I have lots to do… stay tuned for a make-over that may bring George’s team some extra luck or team spirit. This season will be extra exciting as he has two new teams to root for, USC and TCU! 
Are you at a loss how to make your room special or not too busy…we can help!
Happy Designing!