home sweet dorm

For many of you, you may recall that this was the big week, or should I say, send-off for my sweet daughter, Haley, who is flying the nest. Haley is off to college so visions of creating an adorable and personal feel for Haley’s new dorm room are heavy on my mind.  I wanted to help Haley create a space where she would feel inspired, cozy and not-so-far from home. 
The trick for me was staying focused on what Haley wanted. Haley is the kind of girl that keeps things simple (not discounting her larger than life personality). She is much more laid-back, practical and not too interested in fluff. With that said, growing up with a mother that never cooks the same meal twice and pushes furniture from one side of the home to the other almost weekly, must have created chaos for my sweet girl as a child. Haley lets me be eccentric and seems to love my bold and wacky ideas, however, this week she gently reminded me that this dorm room was her new space and that I should let her make the final decisions.
We did not know what to expect as far as dorm size, arrangement or location.  What was the chi of this place, I pondered?  How can we create positive energy? What did the windows look like? I began to worry. As it turns out, Haley is in a co-ed dorm and it is really new, so we got lucky! Haley and her roommate discussed bedding ideas via text and among whatever social media sites these darlings refer to and arrived at the concept of coordinating bedding - not matching. They decided that they wanted each of their unique personalities to set the vibe for their individual bed and side of the room while still harmonizing with the other roommate’s side of the room. 
After moving the beds, “lofting” them at all levels and rearranging the desk placements a generous nine or so times, the final placement was set and the girls could begin to unpack into the private quarters of their 12’x14’ space. We were provided a check-list from the school which was helpful, however there was SO much more to consider.  Luckily Haley really kept things in perspective for me or I would have really gone a bit over board… no, me over the top?  Knowing I had to really make this space special for my darling and knowing that this was the topic of our blog this week, my imagination ran wild! Yet again, Haley reminded me that she loved what we created and to not worry too much about the small details. 
We’ve decided to share a few must haves for what we believe makes the biggest design splash in a dorm room and the final “ta da” of Haley’s tight quarters. We would love to see your dorm room ideas, style and creativity. Please share your tips with us!
Happy designing!