Meeting Joe Ruggiero

Among our travels last week to several meetings and shopping excursions for our fabulous clients we could not pass up an invitation to have lunch at the Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills! Dining at the Peninsula hotel is a treat in itself; we also had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy this beautiful luncheon with design icon Joe Ruggiero and learn about his new fabric line. 
Joe and his creative team created a luxury line of Sunbrella fabrics. Let me tell you, Sunbrella is not what it used to be! When I think patio fabrics I think stiff texture, non-pliable and bright, crazy colors and prints. Au contraire, Joe Ruggiero’s Sunbrella line is soft, fluid and all classic textures, prints and luxury. 
I get so many requests for indestructible, kid friendly (and messy husband friendly) fabrics when we do custom sofas and chairs. Typically the print is not right or the cost is too high. Well, this line is not only the perfect lead, it is very price sensitive. 
My theory is no matter how busy you are, always make time for those special invitations because you never know who you will meet, what you can learn or when you will be inspired. Thanks to John Ruege for this once in a lifetime opportunity and invitation.
Happy designing!