Beachside Bungalow Update

The transformation of this beach bungalow is breathtaking!  I often reflect on my first visit with Robin and look at pictures of the once "standard" looking home and marvel at how it is quickly blossoming into a vacation inspired sanctuary.
The beautiful Calacatta Extra carefully selected at my favorite stone yard, Marbolis (in Anaheim), has gently been installed on the lovely custom cabinetry from Hartmark. Installation of the fabulous Walker Zanger stone products has begun and can we just say, it is more fabulous than we dreamed of!

Our dear client has wonderful taste so collecting these gorgeous pieces along our design journey has perfectly fallen into place.  Perhaps our journey is Serendipity as everything we have set out to discover has developed into something more dreamy and perfect than we had hoped for.

We are excited to share the final presentation in the coming weeks; you will love it I am sure!

Happy designing!