Ready Set Go!

 Challenge day is finally here! The White Box Challenge began today and that means we are installing our white box (8' x 10' room) at Stonemill Design Center. It started at 9am today (Monday) and we must be finished with the room design by 9 am tomorrow. That gives us exactly 24 hours hours to complete a finished room with contractors scheduled back to back throughout the day, night and into the wee hours of the morning.
There's eight designers in total competing in the challenge, each with their very own 8' x 10' room that is a blank canvas. Each designer has their own set of contractors and worker bees yet the challenge is, only 2 people are allowed in each room at a time. There are make-shift work areas set up in the parking lot and the atmosphere is exhilarating and exciting!!
Come see our room design! We invite you all to the premier event this Thursday, June 6th from 6-8 pm at Stonemill Design Center in Costa Mesa where you can view all eight rooms and VOTE for your favorite design. Champagne and desserts will be served. Please RSVP to
Hope to see you there and happy designing!


frosting surprise!


Our wonderful stone installers and the "before" space