A Room of Her Own

As an interior designer I get asked all the time what the interior of my house looks like. My home is filled with meaningful objects and pieces I adore - both big and small. It is a mélange of two of my favorite designer’s styles, with a little bit of French flare (because I love everything French!). 
Lately, I have been anxious to re-style my family room with a renewed look, although, with my busy schedule sometimes the updates I want to make on my own home get put on the back burner.  As much as I love my job and being a creative soul, I had the bright idea of having my fabulous design assistant, Melissa, invoke on the journey of pinpointing a fresh, new design style for this space with a new color palate and furniture layout, including re-upholstering existing furnishings, new window treatments and throw pillows and the addition of a few new furniture pieces. Take a look at the Inspiration Board she came up with...a room of my own!
Happy Designing!