town-home remodel

One of Sérendipité’s newest projects is a complete, custom remodel of a Newport Beach town-home overlooking one of Orange County’s most pristine golf courses. It has been a pleasure getting to know and work closely with my new clients. Robin is sweet and endearing while her husband brings the humor to our meetings.  My goal is to turn their new town-home into their dream beach cottage. Robin has lovely taste, envisions a light and airy home and is inspired by Katharine Hepburn’s New England seaside home.  I could not ask for a more inspiring design vision!

In Robin and Steve’s home, I dreamt of taking down walls and making the home feel more spacious. Robin loved my idea and my contractor, Jimmy with Shoreline Developers, was able to execute my vision beautifully. We have created soft arches connecting the kitchen to the living area and the kitchen to the dining area. This architectural enhancement elegantly connects each room together creating a great-room living area.

With any remodel, once construction begins we can never anticipate what lies behind the walls. Unfortunately, we had one of these moments during this project. Once we started the demo of the outdated master bath flooring, Jimmy detected a leak, which has been leaking for some time now.  Jimmy pulled the dry wall back to find that some of the 2x4's were completely rotted. Luckily, this was just a minor setback and the repairs are now being completed!

We are enthusiastic for this refreshing and inspiring design journey and happy and eager to include our blog readers in the design process!

Happy Designing!