finishing touches

 Tuscan style kitchen
Hello friends! We have taken a few weeks off from sharing the progress of Jim and Karen's design journey with you. We are back and boy are we excited to report their home is more magical than we had dreamed!

The wallpaper and draperies are hung, their custom rugs have been rolled out and the furnishings are perfectly placed in their rightful places. Last week we went on an accessories shopping spree to gather those oh-so-fabulous finishing touches.

With just a few more things to take care of, our “to do” list is dwindling. We have plans to do a bit more shopping for plants, and for a few wall pieces. Karen and I have been on the hunt to find the perfect collection of clocks for the clock gallery we are creating in the dining room.

All of the details, from the custom pillows that add the zip to our zippy, to the artful accents in the tile and stone work and the lighting that creates the perfect ambiance, bring me so much joy every time I cross the threshold of their front door. This design journey with Jim and Karen has been so fun and inspiring! Karen has such a flair for design and always an open heart to my crazy ideas!

Jim and Karen’s home is magazine worthy and I am so delighted with the way every detail of their home turned out! I could not wait another day to have it professionally photographed because I have been anxious to share it with my blog readers. So, we had a mini photo shoot last week. What do you think so far?

Happy designing (and dreaming)!