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modern dining room

It is not often that I get the opportunity to design contemporary spaces.  Anyone who knows me knows my personal design style is classic, romantic and feminine while I hold a special place in my heart for vintage pieces.  Although, I have always had an appreciation for all design styles and whenever I am provided the opportunity I like to take on new clients with diverse design styles to broaden my horizons and scope of work.
As an interior designer it is so important to listen to my clients and carry through with a beautiful design that suits their needs and implements the style they love.  My goal in design is to turn every house into a comfy home that my clients will fall in love with all over again every time they walk through the front door. 
Over the course of the last 4 months I have been working on this contemporary home and it was rewarding to see months of hard work come together beautifully in just two days of install.  It was tremendously gratifying working on this project and really being able to stretch my boundaries to design a home with a style I have never attempted before.  I had so much fun shopping with the client who is very creative and knew exactly what he wanted.  This home was a joy to work on with its fun, playful and bold design…the result- modern comfort!
Happy Designing!
modern dining room  modern antler chair

modern dining room  butterfly shadow box

Johnathan Adler pillow  snowboard shelf

modern fruit bowl

modern living room

modern family room  modern homes

modern home

modern home

modern master bedroom  vintage record player


*Photos courtesy of Melissa Brandman Photographs