Making Lasting Impressions with Gallery Walls

Gallery Wall  Gallery Wall  Gallery Wall 
A simple way to make a big impact in your home is by creating a gallery wall that showcases pictures of family, friends and fond memories. Displaying photographs of loved ones and wonderful memories in your home is a great mood booster and is sure to enliven any room in your home! The key here is to create great impact with a collection that will leave a lasting impression.

Be creative and choose a gallery ensemble that speaks to you. There are so many different gallery wall options from bold and symmetrical to fun and eclectic! Do some research and find examples of gallery walls you love. This will give you a good idea of what look you are trying to accomplish.  
Gallery Wall  Gallery Wall
If you love artwork, try designing an artwork gallery wall. If you don’t have original artwork, buy an oversized coffee table book of your favorite artist or photographer. Cut out your favorite pages and frame them. Another great place to look for unexpected artwork is in boutique greeting cards stores or in your children’s homemade masterpieces. 

When you are inclined to put together a collage of family photographs or colorful paintings, if cost is an issue, start with a few frames and add to your collection over time; or pull together an eclectic vibe using frames and artwork you already have throughout your home. You will be amazed at how different your existing pieces look grouped together to make a lasting impression! 

Gallery Wall Tips:
·       If using photography, stay consistent with the color. Print in either black and white OR color (not both). Have your photos enlarged and printed in the correct color at your local photo store.
·       Use large mats. Larger mats tend to make the photographs look more substantial and have more impact.
·       Use butcher paper or brown paper bags from the grocery store to cut out templates of each frame size. Place the templates on the wall with blue painters tape to help you determine a good display and spacing between  frames before putting any permanent nail holes in the wall. 

The most important part of the gallery wall is to have fun with it and be creative!

Happy Designing!
Gallery Wall  Gallery Wall  Gallery Wall