In the Moment

Coincidence or serendipity? Several months ago I dreamed of a beautiful, black butterfly. Since then I met and began working with a wonderful client that shared a lovely and personal piece of art with me. It was a black and white photograph of his grandmother who had a butterfly resting on the back of her head, much like the dream I had a month prior. Shortly after we chatted about the delightful photograph, the client and I were out shopping and we stumbled across a striking work of art that was composed of forty-eight real, saturated abalone colored butterflies in an oversized shadow box. The client and I were both awe struck! This piece of artwork became the inspiration for the client’s formal dinning room and now hangs in his home for all dinner guests to admire. 

My favorite mantra is being in the moment. After a long couple of weeks of working very hard, always on the go and not having much “me time,” it finally dawned on me; I need to start living by my own mantra. I need to be more present, have better balance between my work and personal life, and focus my energy on living in the moment!

I decided this past weekend, although a very busy one, that it was the perfect time to start living by my mantra. I was in Las Vegas for my precious daughter, Haley's, last club soccer tournament. During this trip we were also celebrating Haley's 18th birthday, which falls on March 17th (She is my dear, precious leprechaun!).
We had a break between games so I suggested we take a detour to the Bellagio (my favorite place in Vegas). I knew this beautiful hotel would be the perfect place to slow down, spend quality time with my daughter and get inspired. The atrium at the Bellagio is a place where I find beauty, clarity and inspiration. The aromatic seasonal flowers awaken my senses and the beautiful scents make me feel so delighted and so very happy! I always take the time to go there whenever I am in Las Vegas.

The featured flowers this season include tulips (my very favorite flower) in all hues, hyacinth, lilies, mums and poppies. Among this delightful atrium was a greenhouse filled with butterflies, and I mean filled….butterflies of every size, shape and color! I was in utter amazement of this beauty and glory!

After this weekend, I have renewed my commitment to being present. I am reminding myself to slow down and promising myself to take time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. I now feel so happy and inspired for the new week ahead. I have so much gratitude for the gentle reminder that we are so blessed to see beauty everyday if we just take the time to enjoy the moment.
So you decide, is the re-appearance of butterflies in my life just a coincidence or serendipity? 

Happy designing!