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This past week I had the incredible opportunity to travel to the World Market Center Las Vegas! World Market is an integrated home and hospitality contract furnishings showroom and trade complex that occupies 5 million square feet in 3 buildings and 13 floors in downtown Las Vegas. If that is not impressive enough in itself, while I was there I was enthused by many wonderful things, but two that spoke to me in particular were the color forecast for 2013 and an inspiring guest speaker, interior designer Kerry Howard!

We have colour trend alerts for our
Sérendipité fans! Can you say emerald green? That's right, the Pantone color of the year is emerald! This marks the inspiration and theme of market this season!  Just when you thought jewel tones were a flash from the late 80's and early 90's, as all things do, trends recycle and come back bigger and bolder than ever!
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Although I feel like emerald is making more of a splash in fashion than in the home (at least for now), just wait, as the home will follow.  This rich, luscious hue will saturate the home design market as well. What does the hue emerald represent? The opulent and luxurious hue lends itself to nature, growth and prosperity. It also relates to luxury as well as precious and rare jewels. For me this hue inspires harmony, balance and the feeling of stability.

How can we add a creative spin to emerald? I'm feeling gold accents and deep apricot. Try a splash of cream, or how about emerald and peacock blue together. Do I have your attention yet? Check out some room scenes that are sure to inspire our next interior restyle!

Happy designing!


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emerald chandelier  peacock and emerald bedroom
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