Welcome Water Snake!

This Sunday marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and 2013 is the year of the WATER Snake. Water is the most yin/feminine element. This is appropriate because at Sérendipité we so often tend to nod to the feminine and romantic in our design styles we create for our clients. And of course, anyone who knows me personally or has been to my design parlour knows from the minute they walk through my door that I also love anything feminine and romantic. Ever so appropriate for my favorite time of year, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day!

It is said, the Snake year is quiet and introspective, powerful and intense. A deep contrast as we turn down the volume from the energy of the previous Dragon year. In Snake year, events occur very slowly and preparation and planning are key; inspiring as I plan my wedding nuptials and send my beloved daughter off to college this bright 2013.

So in a Snake year, more than any other year, it is very helpful to focus on your master retreat bycreating healing and serenity. This theory is insightful as we are having many requests from our clients to update their master retreats. Perhaps this jump-start into 2013 is inspiring us to focus on what is the most import function of productivity and success, rest!

The Snake loves knowledge, wisdom, and learning. Creating ideas to inspire clarity in this New Year is your key to attracting the abundance you desire! Your knowledge corner is in the left corer of each room. This area should represent fresh, bright ideas! Creating a knowledge corner in every room will help you focus to increase your inner awareness, understanding, and enhance your spiritual side. Be sure to keep your knowledge corner clean and simple, as I always encourage the mindset, less is more. Too much clutter sabotages clarity and prevents us from creating abundance! A stack of books creating an altar for learning and inspiration is a perfect place for your knowledge corner. Fresh flowers or plants encourages life, fresh ideas and create oxygen.

Is it Chance or "Sérendipité"?  The year of the Snake and the tradition that follows the wisdom of the Water Snake coincides with the color forecast for 2013, emerald, essentially representing, balance, harmony, knowledge and elegance.

We look forward to inspiring you to create some "yin" in this exciting new year of change, growth and much abundance!

Happy designing!

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