New Year, Fresh Start

I love New Year’s because it is an exciting and inspiring time to make a change, or changes both personally and professionally. It seems to me that many of us set goals and make personal promises with great intentions to make us better or to do better. Have you considered that these resolutions may start with your home, creating a plan to make your sanctuary a place where all of your goals can actually come to life? I know for myself, if my personal environment is not where I feel it should be my productivity, creativity and aura seem to be just a bit off. I have a few tips to refresh, renew, and de-clutter, in order to make room for abundance in this exciting new year…

Purge your closets. Get rid of articles that you have not worn in a year or represent a not-so-fun date or time.

Clean out your jewelry box.  Any old jewelry that is broken or missing its pair, fix them or send them to Goodwill - They may just make someone’s Halloween costume perfect.

Polish your shoes that look a bit sad. They will feel brand new.

Switch out the pillows on your chair or sofa to add some zip or a new pop of color to your furniture.

Rearrange the furniture in your family or living room. I see so many homes and, more times than not, my clients have amazing pieces, but they are just not sure how to arrange or place them. Try something new! It will feel amazing and change is good… give it a try.

Get a tablecloth and set your table like you are having a party (even if you’re not). It is fun and will make you happy.

Add a fresh coat of paint to a room or create a statement wall… you will love this and it will feel like a new room, I promise.
Have your carpets cleaned professionally. Trust me, it is time, I am sure!

And lastly, cut some flowers from your garden or buy some flowers and put them in a beautiful vase on your desk or on your night stand. They will make you smile!

Happy Designing!