Books, Books & More Books!

vintage chair with books
We love books and think there is nothing more stylish than a home designed with books. Books are treasures that should be collected, cherished, scattered throughout your home…and of course, read!!
Make your living room livelier and show off your intellectual side by adding a few intriguing books to your coffee table or book self. It is an age-old trick but somehow in this era of smart phones, iPads and e-readers beautiful books tend to get overlooked. There's nothing like tangibly holding a book in your hands and being able to turn its pages.
Books make a classier statement than magazines and make a house homier. Not to mention, they are great conversation starters between you and your guests. Pick books that speak to you or are a reflection of what really inspires you. The more eclectic your collection is the more your guests get to know all the fun layers of who you are. 
Most likely your guests will appreciate books with beautiful drawings or photographs with minimal text. Two or three stacked books topped with an exquisite shell or bud vase makes for an elegant, timeless look. Try building a table of stacked books next to your favorite chair; this is fun, affordable and unique!

So, make a trip to your favorite bookstore or the used book section of your local library and see what kind of conversations are conjured up next time you invite friends over for a glass of wine!

Happy Designing!


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