The Well-Dressed Table

Holiday Place Setting
image credit Martha Stewart

In my experience, nothing makes a meal more delicious and memorable than a well-dressed table. Creating an ambiance and setting a mood for your guests creates a delightful dining experience!

Decorating with herbs and elements of nature brings the outdoors to your table. It is also affordable and organic. And, the colors of nature provide a soothing and calm setting for conversation and relaxation.

Take your family heirlooms and estate treasures to the next level. Use them to create a vintage and eclectic vibe. Everyone loves a great story! Create your story adorning your table with your great grandma's gravy boat from 1920 or your aunt’s silver butter dish.

Are you having more guests than you planed for?  Now you do not have enough matching place settings!  Mix it up, have your guests bring a place setting of their own china. The trick is that they actually do not use their own place setting. This is a fun way to share and even show off your guests’ treasures at your party; speaking from someone who is a sucker for dishes and a great story... me!

We at Sérendipité wish you and your guests a delicious, delightful and memorable holiday celebration!

Much love and gratitude!

Sérendipité Designs