Loving Laguna Beach & Love in Laguna Beach

For as long as I can remember I have loved the water and have always been drawn to the ocean! I stumbled across the most magical beach and my true “happy place” in my early 20's... Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach has always lured me by its charm, unexplainable energy, lovely rocks, and the aura of creativity and the feeling it creates for me; anything is possible! The sound of the ocean, the perfect weather almost every day of the year and the synergy I feel is intoxicating in Laguna.


After many wonderful memories of dining, shopping, sun bathing and countless walks in Laguna; during one unexpected trip I discovered a rock that I refer to as “my" rock. I have always been fascinated by the energy of rocks for some reason. One day I crossed over a particular rock perfectly orientated before my favorite hotel, the Surf & Sand Resort. I said to myself I this is the perfect place to sit and express my gratitude for the countless blessings the Lord has provided for me. From this day on I find myself pondering, seeking clarity, offering gratitude and just praying on this rock…. “my rock”!
December 6, 2012 marks the most magical day in Laguna Beach, my best friend George proposed to me on "my" rock that brings so much clarity and peace at the times I have needed it most. George, asked me to be his wife. This day represents another moment on "my” rock that I will cherish forever. I am so grateful to live near a place that is so picturesque, filled with beauty and pure magic for me. 
Laguna Beach engagement
I ask…do you have a place that is your "happy place"? I’d love to hear your story!