Tile look-a-like Wall coverings

Right now a beautifully designed bathroom with a full tile accent wall (from floor to ceiling or counter height to ceiling) is so elegant and stylish!  It can really add a "wow" factor to a small space beyond what any can of paint could ever do - no matter how bold the paint choice.  But let's face it; gorgeous tile that would be worth tiling an entire wall with can be pricey.  So you don't have to compromise your daily Starbucks run for the next year in order to afford a lovely accent wall, we've come up with an alternative solution.  Using a wall covering that resembles a tile pattern is a more cost effective way to get the drama and pizazz you are looking for without the high price tag.  Here are some of our favorite wall covering patterns and inspiration photos. 
Tips for choosing a bold bathroom wall covering

  1. Choose a wall covering with a geometric and reoccurring pattern so at first sight it reads as a tile.
  2.  If you have young children or worry about water splashing on the walls above the sink, create a 3-4" backsplash on the back of your vanity with the same material used for the countertop.
  3. Use a wall covering as a statement wall at your "splash" and paint the remaining walls a neutral hue to make your wall covering "pop."

Happy Designing!


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Morocco - silver

Adele 110111

The Ranelagh Papers BP 1824