Never Underestimate the Importance of Lighting

Lighting is crucial in a well-designed room.  It is one element that should never be over looked or underestimated.  Without proper lighting a beautifully designed room does not live up to its full potential.  There are several different types of lighting including ambient lighting, task lighting and accent & mood lighting.  Sunlight, firelight and candlelight are other natural sources of lighting to take into consideration when designing a space.
Having more than one type of light source in a room adds a certain level of drama and sophistication and it will look like a room well thought-out.  You will be amazed by how proper lighting in a room dramatically affects the mood of the space.  There are so many different options to choose from including track lighting, recessed lighting, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, nightlights, lanterns and candles just to name a few.  We encourage you to be creative with your lighting and mix it up! 

Tips for creating great lighting techniques

  1. Take into consideration what the function of the room is and what mood you are trying to create.  In order to better control the ambience of a room you might want to consider adding dimmer switches to one or more of the lighting sources in the room.
  2. Have more than one form of light source in a room for functionality and drama. Example: In an office have an ambient light source such as recessed cans but also have a source of task lighting near the work space for sufficient light to work.  In many older homes, bedrooms are only equipped with a single wall sconce.  Add a chic chandelier above the bed and a table lamp on both bedside tables to add ambience.

Fall in love with your lighting! Although lighting is essential to the function of a room, it is important to choose lighting fixtures that encompass your design style as well. Look at each light fixture as a piece of artwork.  There are so many beautifully crafted and even fun and whimsical light fixtures to choose from out there.

This room is a wonderful example of combination lighting with the contemporary light fixture hanging from the center of the room and a sofa flanked by matching table lamps.
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The mustard colored lamps in this room add a certain elegance to this otherwise monochromatic color scheme.
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Not only does this room have a chandelier but also backlit cabinets, which cast a glow up the wall and candles which add a calm ambiance to the room.
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This bedroom has four sources of light including natural light, recessed lighting, a chandelier and table lamps on the bed side tables.
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Beautiful use of lighting
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