Gallop Into the New Year

Horse 1 The New Moon on January 30 at 11:20 pm PST (but listed as January 31 in many calendars) begins the year of the Wood Horse in the Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year is a spring festival that begins on the second New Moon after Winter Solstice

I get lost in the symbolism, theory and stories behind all of the different characters that represent the Chinese zodiac. Last year was the year of the Water Snake, which is a big contrast from the quick Wood Horse. This year is said to be fast, exciting and full of adventure! I love the parallel of the Chinese horoscope animal to what is actually surrounding us and going on in our lives. I can already feel a connection to the symbol of the Horse and how our business is reacting to the start of this New Year.

Related to interior design, the Horse symbolizes a steady pace so if you are in the process of a remodel or knee deep in the planning stages don't stop, keep going and keep the momentum of your project moving. Having difficulty making decisions? Follow your intuition and do not look back or your project will continue to be stagnant.

Thinking of starting a new project? Go for it! It is said that this will be the year of abundance and financial security, so again, go for it and don't look back. You deserve to surround yourself with beauty and great style.

Ready to gallop into a fun design project? Call us, we are excited to help your design dreams come true!

Happy Designing!




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